Now Ola, Uber to be fined if drivers cancel your trip! All about this new proposed policy

Now Ola, Uber to be fined if drivers cancel your trip! All about this new proposed policy

One thing that has become easy over last few years is the availability of cabs all thanks to cab hailing services like Uber and Ola. However, it is not always smooth for the customer as many times more than one driver has cancelled the trip saying “Mujhe wahan nahi jaana” (I don’t want to go to that area). Now a draft policy by Delhi government suggests to introduces a new regulatory policy that proposes a hefty price on the cab-hailing service for trip cancellation.

Further as per the new Draft Delhi Road Safety Policy and Draft City Taxi Scheme, 2017 the government also proposes cap surge pricing and many more additional safety measures in taxis and cabs. The draft rule says that cab aggregator like Ola and Uber will have to file a case with the Police if a case of molestation is reported by any of its customers. If failed to do so will imply a fine of Rs 1 lakh. Delhi’s PWD minister Satender Jain is currently leading the panel and the final policy will be sent to the Delhi Cabinet for approval soon.

Experts and government official do believe that there is an urgent need to regulate the fares on cabs operated by private players. Once the new policy is in place app-based cab services in Delhi will need to obtain a license from the government to operate in Delhi. Keeping safety in mind, these cab providers must have a 24-hrs call centre and share GPS feed is also monitored by the transport department’s control centre. It also proposes to have a digital meter in place and cabs to be run on only clean fuel like CNG, LPG or all electric.

Soon there will also be a law that will cap the minimum and maximum prices of these cabs like Ola and Uber and these fares will be fixed by the transport department or face a hefty fine. To make cab travel safe, panic buttons will be placed inside the cabs and a decision on carpooling including Ola Share and Uber Pool would be taken by a senior committee.

Source:- financialexpress